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What Electives to Take & Score in NTU?

I know majority of the NTU undergraduates here are facing a common problem during course registration period -- "what elective to choose for next semester?"

Of course, you totally don't have to deny that you are looking for an elective that is:
  1. simple to understand 
  2. easy to score 
  3. open book / pass fail module 
  4. minimum assignments / projects 
  5. no finals 
  6. most importantly, PULL UP THE CUI GPA!!!!! 
Yeap, since I am currently year 3 (year4 next semester #gradsoonyay), I will share you some of my experiences on electives that I have taken before!

Rating: 1 = does not recommended, 5 = highly recommended

AAA18G: Tabletop Game Design 1

| AY2015/16 S2 | UE | B+ | Recommend Rating: 4/5

This is an elective from NIE. The lecturer is a game creator named Mr. Tan, also known as Chub Tan by NTU Fastforward Club. He hosts arena in Singapore sometimes and you cal join the game if you are interested, In which, I went to all events.

At least 1 board game will be introduced in each lesson. Yes, you heard right. Basically you just have to play games for 3hours (or more) per week. This course contains 1 20% strategy report on 1 specified game, 10% class participation, and 70% final game product (including 600words design document). It is basically a free-and-easy class which you will really enjoy yourself while wrecking your brain to win the games.

All you have to do to ace this module is to think of a decent board game and do a clear rule book on it. Your final product is graded by 2 groups of expert gamers to test your game. The main point here is to make sure that your game flows smoothly by just reading through your rule book. There should be no unsolvable conflicts without you explaining the game. However, the final grade is based on steep bell curve. I have expected to get an A- but got a B+ instead.

There is also an extension of this module called Tabletop Game Design 2, where you get to expend your final product into a bigger scale.

MOCC: Beauty, Form & Function : An Exploration of Symmetry

| AY2015/16 S2 | UE | Drop Course

A 3AUs 8-weeks online module, graded as pass/fail without final exam, started by a MAE angmoh lecturer. Tempted? You have to reap for what you sow. It is a simple course but still you need the determination to complete each online lectures in order to complete the assignments. It is truly a free 3AU UE, just that I find it boring to continue.

There are 3 open-book MCQ assessment tests, 3 tutorial assignments for online submission, and 1 written test. At the end of the course, you will pass if you manage to score at least 60% of mark. Each assignments are marked by random peer evaluation. Some evaluation will be so strict that you might just get a 0 marks in the end.

You are allow to drop the course anytime you want to. Results are required to be credit transferred back to NTU to include into degree audit. This course is said to be temporary stop conducting in year 2017.

LJ9001: Japanese Language Level 1

| AY2015/16 S1 | UE | P | Matched overseas

Well I am not too sure about NTU way of teaching as I cleared it in Taiwan during my exchange. But, based on my friend who took it and scored A-, she said as long you attend all tutorials and make time to memories the vocabulary then it will be fine. Heard that bell curve is really steep too since some people who already knew Japanese may take level 1 just to score.

LK9001: Korean Language Level 1

| AY2015/16 S1 | UE | P | Matched overseas

I am not too sure about NTU style of teaching for this as I cleared it in Taiwan also ( 2 foreign languages I really kisiao in the end). My friend who took it S/U in the end as in order to secure an A, you must get full marks in each dictation and listening tests, also score well in your essay writing test.

DA9006: Augmenting Singaporean - We Are The Mateverse

| AY2014/15 S2 | UE | B+ | Recommend Rating: 3/5

This was a module offered by ADM where the lecturer was a visiting professor from Germany. I am not too sure whether this course is still on-going? The class consist of only 11 people, where only 5/11 are local students. We explored an Augmented Reality software called Metaio Creator and collaborated with 2359 Media to present our final piece in 2015 O.P.E.N Singapore International Festival of Art (SIFA) "11 station" project.

Basically what we did was to seek permission to visit Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. We choose different spots to make trackers and detection all around the station so visitors can use their phone to view our AR arts during the open day last year.

It was suppose to be an interesting module but I felt that lecturer herself was unsure and unclear of everything, also she was new to the AR software herself, hence it was quite boring. Despite that, this module helped me gained a new insight of virtual reality which I might be using in my Final Year Project next semester. It managed to brush up my CV too since which module in NTU allows you to have meetings with LTA and 2359 developers during class?!

EE8092: Digital Lifestyle

| AY2014/15 S2 | GER-PE STS | S | Recommend Rating: 4/5

This module is all about digital equipment in our life (radio, mp3, wii, audio, computer, etc) by EEE. There are 3 lectures for this module. I personally find the contents interesting and useful, but is heavy-content. I have never attended a single lecture and have listened to less than 50% of the recordings.

I suggest you to take this module only if you are interested in digital surroundings and is confident in you memory skills. Having an IT background or knowledge is a very big plus point, since some of the questions may based on speed and units of certain stuffs, which benefit EEE and CEE students. Students from other school may have to spend more effort to score this module.

Finals consists of 50% 40 MCQ questions. There are 2 CA assessments, total 50% quiz 30 MCQ questions. I scored 29/30 and 22/30 without studying much (flip flip 1 night before). For finals, I spent only 3hours studying right before the exam (as I have another core on the same day). However, I think i got 35/40 during my finals (I think the paper is easy that year). This still doesn't secure an A due to my cui second quiz hence I MC it.

Bell-curve is really steep here. Hence in order to secure an A, get at least 27/30 for each quizzes and memorize thoroughly for finals. However, many people S/U this module for its time-consuming contents, hence you may get better grade than you have expected. When I went for finals, there are 2 almost empty rows right beside me – many MC this paper.).

EE8066: Happiness 101

| AY2014/15 S1 | GER-PE LS | S | Recommend Rating: 4/5

It was a completely new course under EEE when I took it. This course aims to make students happier (#bullshit). I heard that there are some changes from the second year onwards, which became more and more difficult to score, so my information may be slightly out-dated.

I suggest you to take this module if you are truly keen on writing essays. This is because each tutorial is at least 1 freaking essay homework, all due at the end of the semester. If you can, remember to choose the tutorial class conducted by Dr Patrick (old man) instead of the army guy who kept telling stories about his family and daughter.

For course percentages, there are 40% weekly tutorials & 4 case studies, 10% class participation, and 50% final exam (50% compulsory guided structure questions, 50% choose 2 out of 3 questions).

Tips to study for this module is to memories the mind map provided during e-learning week and the summary mind map in week 13 revision lecture. As I was the first batch in this course, the final questions came out in a completely straightforward way, which I think I managed to score at least 85/100 in my final as all the questions were only based on these 2 mind maps, and I have only spent 2hours the day before to memories them. I did not attend / listen to the lecture recordings nor study for the other lecture notes before (didn’t even print them out).

For an A, you have to have good writing skills and memories for you final paper. If you are just aiming for a B or a pass, I highly recommend this course as you can always chiong finish an essay within 1 hour per week.

IN9008: Digital Social Games for Organizations

| AY2014/15 S1 | GER-PE BM | A- | Recommend Rating: 5/5

I happen to be one of the first few batch (2nd or 3rd) to tryout this module from WKW. The lecturer who named Ipa is a new lecturer who really did tried her best in teaching, but to no avail. This whole module is based on 1 textbook same as the module name. This elective has no separate tutorials. Each week, teacher will use 1 hour to conduct lecture, 1 hour to play game and express reviews, and lastly 1 hour to answer tutorial questions or conduct group presentation.

If I am not wrong, there are 2 midterms 5% each, 1 10% game research report writing & presentation, 1 10% game design / game analysis presentation, 5% class participation and 60% finals. Midterms consists of 20 fill in the blanks questions based on lecture notes, and you will required to complete 20 fill in the blanks questions and 2 short essay writing questions. During the revision week when I took this module, the lecturer gave plenty of tips. She basically indirectly told us all 20 questions that actually came out exactly in the finals.

I will say that this is a very relax course. You will spend half the time snoozing off in lesson, half the time lesson break, half the time playing games requested by lecturer and half the time doing nothing. Moreover, the chair in the lecture theater is truly comfortable. Best sleeping spot for me. opps

The class consist of only 20-30 students hence there isn't any bell curve if I am not wrong. It is relatively easy to score and most of the stuffs are common sense if you play games (handphone games counted too!). But, you will still need to study for your 2 structured questions which may requires a little memorization.

BU8201: Business Finance

| AY2013/14 S2 | GER-PE BM | S| Recommend Rating: 2/5

In my opinion, this is a heavy module. I suggest you to take this module only if you have time to study it. Although it is just basically maths and common sense, however, the terms and formulae we are expected to memories are too much for me. The workload was relatively high as all tutorials must be completed before lesson as my tutor (sui sui kena the female one who is stricter than the guy lecturer – Daniel Ong) would check our answer sheets before lessons started.

My memory is not too clear about the course percentages here. I think there are 20% 10 MCQ midterm through blackboard, 10% group presentation on selected tutorial, and 70% closed-book finals (20 MCQs and 2 structure questions). During finals, the MCQ questions were relatively tough as they required complete understanding on the subject to be able to select the correct answers. As for the structure questions, make good use of the formulae given then you should be fine.

Also, a financial calculator is needed as there is a specific formula that would be commonly used. Lecturer and tutor teach solving methods based on the financial calculator. If you don’t have one, borrow from you NBS friend or better still, purchase a second hand from Carousell. You can always resell again easily since Business Finance is a hot module among NTU students.

My advice to study for this module is that last minute studying does not work for this module. Trust me, I regretted it therefore I S/U it. Constant understanding and practicing will make final very easy to score. Go through all PYP then you can gauge the questions coming out.

If you are aiming for an A- and above, score at least 8/10 during you midterm then you should be fine. Also, take note of week13 revision lecture, as important concepts and questions solving methods will be repeated!

HP8003: Are You Okay? Mental Health in Singapore

| AY2013/14 S2 | GER-PE AHSS | B+ | Recommend Rating: 5/5

I took this module in year1 sem1 alone without taking with any friends. I made friend with a NBS student who told be that the whole cohort were mostly NBS final year students. That time I was seriously chua sai as NBS are well trained in speed writing and essay writing mah LOL. The lecturer is from IMH and conduct lively lectures when I took it. However he seemed to have grown older and looked shag when I attended his lecture this year (#updated in 2015).

This is really an easy module, and I think a B is possible with minimum effort put in. Everything is in open book. There will be 1 40% 40 True False midterm and 1 60% choose 3 out of 4 questions finals. I got 31/40 for midterm, which is the median (I have another core midterm at the same time, hence i chop chop finish this within 10minutes and rush over to another). The final questions format are quite standard. The questions will demonstrate a case study with symptoms provided. Then each questions will be split into 3 sub-questions, respectively demanding 3 possible disorder problems, effects on society (family, friends, etc), and ways to solve the disorder.

In order to prepare for finals, I advice you to spend like around 1 or 2 days to categories the lecture notes. Use your Microsoft Word to group different type of disorders and their respective symptoms, effects and ways to solve them (medication, counselling, etc). I swear you don't have any time to flip your lecture notes in order to write a long essay full of points during finals. Update: AY2015/16, lecturer did sent email on disorder categories for students as they requested from him. Maybe you can try getting his summary from your friends?

If you are aiming for an A- and above, prepare your notes and write at least 1 page for each sub-questions (which I did, some up to 2 pages). For midterm, 37/40 is a minimum to temporary secure an A-. This is probably the reason I got B+ in the end. I probably did well in finals but not the midterm.


Okay guys, these are temporary for now! Hope this post helps you in deciding your electives :)

Do drop me a comment if you have further questions related to the modules above, or what elective are you planning to take next semester ( I have 1 last UE and 1 last S/U), SO MAYBE WE CAN TAKE TOGETHER?????? :D

See ya!

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