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Showing posts from March, 2016 : Free Samples, Free delivery!

Well, I guess many of you out there ain't any strangers to!

My Experiences With! To be honest, when I saw first their advertisement on my Facebook feed in 2013, my first impression was that this website would be just like any another hoax websites trying to steal my personal particulars. Still, I registered an account since no credit card numbers are needed.

However, after receiving my physical 100% FREE Sample store package delivered right at my doorstep, I have been a devoted Sample Store user ever since! #4yearsWOW

I have been redeeming all sorts of beauty products under the "FREE" samples categories. The best services that I have ever obtained is the free 4 Sessions My Skin Shape facial treatments (current promotion)!

Of course, if you are planning for a trip, you can redeem up to 4 travel size samples only for a $5.99 handling fee!!

What is Founded in 2008, Sample Store is a online store where you get to "try bef…