Life In Taiwan: Officially A Student In NCTU, Hsinchu

Realised I have been in Hsinchu for 2 weeks. School has started and I am an official (exchange) student in National Chiao Tung University, NCTU.


Life in Hsinchu will not be great, if there aren't for those pleasant accompanies that I have meet in NCTU. Just a really random LINE chat saying "Come Canteen 2 now" / "Breakfast tomorrow 7am" / "Mahjiong tonight" can really get me to put down everything I have on hand and leave my room immediately. Meals will not be alone. Exercising will not be alone. Sitting past midnight in the canteen will not be alone. Even attending CCA will not be alone. There will be people joining even at my last minute decision to grab a supper outside nearby. I am truly blessed and thank god for knowing them :)

As for getting know of other exchange students like me? Got to know some Hong Kong girls and all Singaporeans from NUS (not NTU thou, somehow, whatever -.-) and that was all :/ But somehow I always have something planned on the days when they plan for an outing, so I am forever not in any pictures T^T #soSorry Didn't dare to talk to any of the other exchange students as they are so tall. #definationOfShort


Throwing back to the first day when I reach Hsinchu (7/9/2015) - I was at a total lost at what to do. Holding 3 heavy bags of total 30kg (1 big luggage bag containing too many new clothes from Taipei, 1 hand carry, and 1 simply tote bag that held random stuffs including my heavy laptop), I was horrified at the scenario before me. I have been expecting at least a far view of my school, but then all I saw was a wide horizon of highways- and more highways. No buildings are in sight!!!! #WTFisHsinchuSoBig?

Anyway, I boarded a bus heading towards my school- only did I realised I have no idea where to alight as there are far too many unwritten bus stops (this is not Singapore, this is Taiwan!!!). I panicked and hopped down the bus as soon as the driver announced "Chiao Tung University". Next, I found myself stranded by a foreign roadside. Alone. *Apparently I got down at "Jiao Da Shan", should have gotten down at "Qing Da Zhan"*

Google Map showed a 13minutes distance to Kuang-Fu campus. I admit I am a person with no direction sense - 1 curve or junction can get me stranded somewhere further from my destination, let along multiple curves in a diagonal direction.

I have no choice but to call my super busy secondary friend for help. I am lucky to know someone in NCTU - a bonus as he happens to have a car! He picked me after settling his work on hand (he is working part-time) and helped me in changing my dormitory to Kuang-Fu campus, upon hearing I was given a dorm at Bo-Ai campus. *Loving my dorm now! Relatively a lot bigger than Bo-Ai dorm - and cleaner! :DD*

I was taken care by his juniors for the rest of the day (weeks, and now). Not only did the juniors assisted me in familiarising myself with the school compound, but also brought me all the way out to the neighbourhood famous "Ai Mai" shopping centre【爱买】 and "Shi Yuan" store 【十元店】 to get my daily necessities (mattress, quilt, tissues, etc.) at a cheaper price.

supper team at 【来来】~


The rest of the days flew past in a blink of an eye. I joined events held by my friend (well I didn't know, apparently he is the president of all overseas students). mixed with the some freshies, built friendship with some, and struggled to accept the unacceptable in my hostel.


I am pretty much OK with many things here EXCEPT for a few things (which makes it sounds like not ok overall).

Until now, I am still struggling in finding my way some places (especially lessons in【综合一馆】). Also, I can barely and don't think I will ever accept the fact that tissues must be thrown into the dustbin beside the toilet to prevent blockage. This practice greatly reduced the number of times I visit a toilet.

Hostel will be great if the bathroom provides us with clothes hangers, instead of a cupboard to put our clothes and bathing accessories on top. Too unhygienic. Also, there is no pantry in the hostels here. I am forced to wash my bottles at the sink in the toilet, while thinking thoughts of toilet & tissues bacteria flying around in the air - landing on my bottle after I stopped the water flow.
*Maybe this is the main reason I got rashes, and spent TWD100 on medicine on the 4th day staying in NCTU?*

People says 711 is a great convenient store to grab a meal. It may be true, but I can't find anything I like or suit my taste buds there. Almost all drinks tasted like puke to me (except for lemon tea), and the only food that I can accept are sandwiches and Japanese rice balls. I do agree on their wonderful services and wide range of job scopes thou!

Ok, you now know that I am ok in not-ok.


Till then! Looking forward to this Sunday - where my boyfriend will be flying over from Singapore to accompany me!! <3

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Life in Taiwan: Officially A Student In NCTU, Hsinchu

Some Photos About My Life in NCTU (No Time To Edit Colours)

There are 6 pool tables in school

This is outside canteen 2 and 711

Yeap, I claimed myself a free bicycle during the free bicycle day, and spent TWD400 to repair it 
The front gate

Is actually a pretty and ulu place, taken 7am in the morning

My favourite dog but he was shaved as it was hot

The amount of food I bought from Costca warehouse and stored in my room, finished eating within 1,5weeks 

I helped my friend to complete his homework in my worst calligraphy writing

I did the card for a junior, with the help of other juniors
NCTU front gate has a big pond, which is nice to see but you won't like to walk her at night (got mosquitoes)

I mailed postcards back to intern company (TWD10 for 1 stamp)

Celebrated new year in school, with beer, pizzas, chips and all sorts of junk food, and of course, many many card games and mahjiong

food at Costca warehouse, TWD60 per pizza and TWD45 per ice cream which is damn filling

I saw 罗志祥 while shopping for winter attire with friends at Big City, Hsinchu shopping mall 

We were drunk on 1/1/2016! (20+ more people not in photos)
My size during cheer performance ( I was the lightest flyer 37kg)
My size 1 month after cheer performance (I was the heaviest flyer 50kg)

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  1. Hi!!! I will most probably be heading to nctu for exchange too and was just wondering about the dorms there? Are they all shared? Like the rooms and the toilets and is it clean 'cause it looks kinda scary in the photos online :/ or would you recommend renting an apartment nearby? :)

    1. Hi Si Ai,
      There are 2 types of dorms in NCTU, either 2 or 4 persons shared. Also, there are 2 campus for the dorms, 1 at Bo-Ai campus another at Kuang-Fu campus. If you get Bo-Ai campus, I highly suggest you to request for a change to Kuang-Fu instead else you will need to wake up early to catch the free shuttle bus that arrives every 1hour. Also, if possible, try getting a room in Zhu Xuan dorm as that is the cleanest. I heard that the other dorms are really dirty as those are for seniors (i visited quite a few dorms but are cleaned up so I never know).
      If you are from NTU, I might say the best dorm is like Hall4 or Hall1 but with 4 people shared.
      Toilets in Taiwan are kind of scary and dirty to me, if compared to Singapore. I normally walk to Science building1 for toilet because I find that much cleaner than the dorm's.
      If you are not short of money and are not comfortable with sharing rooms with strangers (depends on your roomies, most of the time I have my 4 people room for myself so I was quite comfortable), you might want to consider finding a nearby apartment. But, the travel distance may be far and is quite expensive (my 1 sem dorm fee = outside 1 month renting fee++).
      Hope you will get use to the environment there and have fun making new friends at NCTU! :)
      Let me know if anything else I can help you with.

    2. Oh wow thanks for your quick response (sorry I just realised you replied me on the day itself)! Erm so did you have like a fun dorm life HAHA like with the people living there?

    3. Haha, I got email notification that's why! Anyway, I didn't really have people staying with me, until close to final exams. A roomie forever wouldn't off her alarm, another came back long past midnight and wasn't considerate kept banging doors and stuffs. The remaining 2 still ok. Actually I think their master students have quite bad personalities. University students still ok :)

    4. oh yikes... doesn't exactly sound like a pleasant experience. Alright, thank you so much for your help (it has been really interesting and informative reading your posts too)! :D

    5. Haha thanks for the support :) I meant to write a proper post on my exchange but I realised life in sg is too hectic ==
      Yeah, personally I was quite uncomfortable with NCTU in the beginning but gradually got used to it. If you want to try a better school environment, you can choose some modules from NCTU neighboring university NTHU too.
      All the best! Hope you enjoy your exchange! :D


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