DSLR Camera Care & Maintenance - Storing Kits & techniques

Note: all informations are filtered and summarised into this post after researching on various sites. 

1. camera bag 

Purchase a sturdy multi-compartment bag with sufficient padding protection and water repellent / resistant. Take your gear with you when selecting a camera bag, if you choose to purchase from shop. If you choose to purchase online instead, previous comments and reviews will be your bff! Lay out your gear with couple of inches between each item and measure if it fits the dimensions and pictures layout. It wouldn't be perfect, but it helps.

2. Dust cover

If you choose not to have a camera bag (technically you should), you can alternatively store your camera in a bag to protect the electronics from dust and falls - anything that allows it to be covered, padded to absorb the shock of a fall is best. The same applies to your lenses. Even a drawstring bag filled with clothes and tissues is better than nothing!

3. Clean camera bag

Around every 3 months, I give my camera bag a spring cleaning - to remove 'things' and 'crumbs' that somehow made its way in magically. You will be surprise to found tore silica packs, animal hairs, dust, grass, snacks crumbs and even tiny stones collected during an outdoor shoot! You can do this when you're cleaning your lenses and DSLR.

4. Rain sleeve

It is good to invest on a rain sleeve, one for each camera bag just in case. A zip-lock bag serves as good protection for a smaller camera / lenses.

5. Silica gels

Popping a few silica gels into your camera bag helps to keep your gears away from moisture. You don't want moisture inside your camera for obvious reasons. Keep changing over this sachets over time or they'll absorb too much water and become useless. You can choose to purchase silica gels in bulk or simple collect silica packets found in packing materials or medical containers ( a more budget way!). Make sure that silica are not to be consumed and is poisonous.

6. Memory cards

Remember never ever open a memory card slot or the battery slot when your camera is turned on. This can corrupt the camera's programming software inside, and don't expect to claim your warranty if it does!
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