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Note: I see the need to warn and alert other customers before they fall into the same trap as my mother and I. p/s: my mother's incident was not indicated here. Hers is while mine is

My Personal Experience with Lazada

A month ago, I bought a camera lens priced at $129 during Lazada sales, and used a $20 off discount voucher to get the item at a final $109. However, despite the item arrived at a good condition, the delivery man collected $129 from me.

Contacted Lazada customer service and got reply saying that they would refund me the $20. Waited for 2 WEEKS and got no update. So, I emailed them again saying that I would lodge a complain on them (which I definetely will) if no refund was processed asap.

Wow, the threat was SO effective. I got an immediate reply within 2 days indicating that the refund of $20 was on processed and I did received it. As an apology, Lazada provided me with a $15 off voucher with a minimum spend of $50.

Ok, I sweared not to purchase on this site again, but the temptation was too great...... In order to rip the maximum benefits, I bought LZD company's own clothing items on sales. I spent $50.20-$15=$35.20 on 8 clothing items.

Items arrived safety in acceptable delivery time. However, Lazada never failed to disappoint me AGAIN. Among 8 of the items, ALL 8 looked as if they were being kept in the warehouse for 10years, with a thick layer of dust on top and 4 clothes are of WORST QUALITY, YELLOW and OLD. The modelled pictures in the listing all look much nicer than in reality.

*I noticed their modelled pictures added some new close up photos. However to be honest, they still DOES NOT show up the REAL TEXTURE and QUALITY of the item. Maybe 40% true to pictures?*

Anyway, I demanded for a return of 2 TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS and got an update of refund being proceeed after 1.5weeks (just now). The amount refunded is also not up to my expectation *obviously is lesser than I have expected, by $3+* and I quickly read through the Lazada return policy again.

Yeah, they OBVIOUSLY did deducted some value from my voucher used. Totally different from Zalora, which I enjoyed the service and the updates given.


I will HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED Lazada to anyone if they are purchasing clothing items. But if you really like the sales price (around $4 per piece), you may try purchasing there and expect something to arrive in the condition and quality EXACT to the price.

Bonus: Tips if you try lazada sevice 

Remember to PROMPT their customer service updates.
Still waiting for my refund.......

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  1. Disappointed for you that you experienced this with Lazada. I purchased numerous times from the Malaysian site, of many different items and have had good service and reasonable products thus far. Touch wood!


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