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Shopping Experience at LAZADA Site

Note: I see the need to warn and alert other customers before they fall into the same trap as my mother and I. p/s: my mother's incident was not indicated here. Hers is while mine is

My Personal Experience with Lazada A month ago, I bought a camera lens priced at $129 during Lazada sales, and used a $20 off discount voucher to get the item at a final $109. However, despite the item arrived at a good condition, the delivery man collected $129 from me.
Contacted Lazada customer service and got reply saying that they would refund me the $20. Waited for 2 WEEKS and got no update. So, I emailed them again saying that I would lodge a complain on them (which I definetely will) if no refund was processed asap.
Wow, the threat was SO effective. I got an immediate reply within 2 days indicating that the refund of $20 was on processed and I did received it. As an apology, Lazada provided me with a $15 off voucher with a minimum spend of $50.
Ok, I sweared not to purchase…