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DIY Facial Wash for Acne

I have been facing severe acne breakouts since I was in primary four. I have spent a fortune trying out tubes of acne creams and essential oils, but none suits me - even the highly praised green tea essential oil :(

I tried paying for facial treatment just for the extraction, but the effects are just temporary,  
This situation and breakout continues until now - the acnes particularly spread all over my whole forehead, my cheeks and my chin!

Yeah, you are right. My breakout became more severe than ever, especially during
1. hot flush before my menstruation periods
2. stressful exam periods due to the lack of sleep
3.  hot weather that makes my face oily
I finally found a cheaper alternative to cure my acne - once . and . for . all - after surfing through Pinterest and learnt about ingredients that helps in  preventing acnes breakout. 
Foods that prevents acnes breakout 1. Oat meal
2. Honey
3. Yogurt
4. Vitamin E
5. Cinnamon
6. Tea tree oil
DIY Procedures: Oat meal + Yogurt (1:1) As I …

GEM Explorer Exchange Program or Fee Paying?

So, I decided to fail my second round of GEM Explorer to be eligible for fee paying scheme :(

I did so want to go to KAIST Korea university, but then maybe because I am categorised under the 'foreigner' group (or maybe my lousy GPA that did not even hit first class?!), I did not get any place in my first round of GEM Explorer T^T

So, this left me with only one option - go Taiwan for exchange under fee paying scheme.
Why fee paying? Yeah, why?! GEM Explorer is so much easier regarding the procedure to apply and can get 2 certificates that certify your exchange experiences. However, due to financial constrain, I would rather go Taiwan via fee paying as I only need to pay the tuition fee of the host university. *oh come on... Taiwan fee of $8,000 is so much cheaper than the $17,000 (waived TG) that I got to pay to NTU...*

Anyway, EEE exchange coordinator explicitly told me that I would not be eligible for fee paying if I choose not to apply for the second round of GEM Explorer.