Happy Birthday, My Old Friend

I did not purposely take this photo, and hence it was not taken decently.
Much that I regretted what had happened between us two, but I don't know why I even bothered and tried to make up our long broken friendship that has been built for 5years.

Previously, you accused me of something I did not do. Since I was your roomie, I thought it was a reasonable assumption that you made, even though I have no idea why did you even jumped to that assumption. Anyway, I did not make a fuss although I can still remember the accusation vividly.

And now, because I have found a better way to save a large sum of hostel fee after I promised you that we would continue being roomie for another year, you flared up at me.

Ok, I understand that it is my bad for not thinking of this wonderful solution beforehand. But at least when I made the decision of not staying in hall any longer, I did think about you.

I know you will not like to stay with people who are noisy/dirty etc.. so I rather take the risk of renting out my room to someone who needs a room after having my approval of certain criteria that meet your standards, than to withdraw from hall directly without taking any responsibilities.

I am sorry for making my decision too late and informing you too late. But since this decision can save my hard earned money up to $1k per year, so I would rather break your trust than to waste my money completely.

Anyway, this happened 1 semester ago and you decided to ignore me. Ok, is your choice and I respect it since I created this tension.

Today is your birthday. I still do not know why did I even bother to spend so much time doing a card and travelled all the way to your hall at 2 am in the morning to put it outside your room.

I don't need your forgive since you have long ago doubted me and have probably no faith in me even when we were staying under the same roof.

Whatever, on an impulse, I have done everything. So whether you forgive me or not, I will not bother about that anymore. I have already tried my last attempt to make up for the long ago broken friendship and I don't expect a reply, or rather do not hope to get a reply from you.

If you decided to treat me otherwise, I will accept that. If you decided to remain this tension, I too will accept it. Since both decisions may only bring back a superficial friendship that is probably not worth holding on anymore.

Happy 21st birthday, my old friend :)

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