WTS Bus Tavel Company Review (Singapore-KL)

Yeah, is Chinese New Year once again. As usual, I am sick and I went home.

I had a somewhat very peaceful journey home. Despite the slight hiccup of the WTS Travel Company's driver distributing a wrong package to me and almost stranded me in Malacca, instead of Kuala Lumpur.

How did it actually happened?

I overslept that morning and took a cab to Big Box, Jurong East to catch my 830am bus. I showed my receipt to the driver, then he handed me a package which I never check and headed to the bus he pointed.

During the journey to Singapore custom, a Singaporean in the bus kept mentioning Pattaya Garden. Hence out of curiosity, I googled and realised Pattaya Garden is located at old Changi Road.

Panicked, I checked my package and hoped that I was heading towards Malaysia instead of towards Changi. And yeah... I was really heading towards Malaysia, but the package stated that my drop-off point was at Malacca!

I was speechless. Hey, the driver actually stared at my receipt for quite a while before handing me a package == so I didn't even expect that mistakes may happen.

Anyway, I asked the driver when we reached Singapore custom. He arranged and directed me to catch the next WTS Travel bus scheduled after his when we reached Malaysia custom. That was supposedly the bus that was heading to KL.

A friendly young female WTS worker waited with me at Malaysia custom so basically, no big deal happened, and I got on the correct bus after waited for 15minutes at the hot Malaysia custom.

**SIDE NOTE: check the package and envelopes handed to you before getting on any long distance bus!!!!**

By the way, the bus going to KL was so much comfortable than the bus going to Malacca! :D
The seats are bigger (by width and space area) and I accidentally met one of my juniors in the bus - sitting just next to me!

Of course, I was overjoyed since my Malaysia number has been cut 1 year ago! Hehe! Now I get to SMS my mum when I reached :D

As a very worried student on my quiz, I actually tried catching up with my lecture recordings during the journey....=.= (a very tiring experience)

To cut my boring story short, I reached home safety.

Travel time: 8:30am - 6:30pm
Travel location: Big Box, Jurong East - Berjaya Time Square, KL - (take monerail) Imbi to KL Central - (take KTM) KL Central to Rawang

Bus Company: WTS Travel Agent Company
Bus Fare: (CNY) SGD48.00
Rating: 4/5

Actually, it was not that bad la... That was a slight accident but I did enjoy my ride back home and I would still support this company again if possible! :) in fact, I bought my return ticket from WTS too~
when no one is on board - is time to take photos!!!

the most front seats also have their own personal tv ^^

cannot understand why a Samsung note2 can take such a faded effect photo = = 
the lovely seats with adjustable back and footrest, along with my current favourite platform :D 

of course, a selfie when no one is on the bus :D *taken on the return trip*

WTS Bus Tavel Company Review (Singapore-KL) WTS Bus Tavel Company Review (Singapore-KL) Reviewed by Joysofyz on 2/20/2015 Rating: 5


  1. Hi ... Can I check with you whether the bus you sat is a Singapore registered bus or Malaysia registered bus aa??

    1. Hi Lionel, I think is a Malaysia registered bus as the bus plate is not starting with "S" and the driver is a Malaysian (I assumed, based on the slang). Anyway I still travel by WTS bus everytime :)

  2. Hi Yun Zi, thanks for the info... I am also keen to try WTS bus service. The bus looks very nice inside... You bought the bus ticket direct from Big Box?

    1. Fyi, as far as I have tried, all the WTS buses have different inner look. However the space between each seats and the softness of the cushions are the same :)
      Do remember to bring a jacket along as it will be quite cold!
      Normally I purchase directly from their website: http://coach.wtstravel.com.sg/
      Hope this helps! Let me know if there are further enquiries! :)

  3. Hi Yun Zi, thanks for the info!

  4. Hi Yun Zi, just check with you. Do have still the bus ticket of the trip starting from Big Box? Can you email me the image or whatapps me? My email is lio1312@yahoo.com.sg. My number is 96818716. I am actually doing a project on buses in the jurong area as well. Thanks... Hope you don't find it a strange request! haa

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay as I missed out the comment! If you still need the e-ticket layout, please send in an email to miiaoyunzi@gmail.com :) thanks!

  5. You can see that the kitchen and dining room are quite nice. חבילות לחו"ל

  6. Thank you for the reminder. I seem to be quite forgetful when I am on a bus. I will definitely check the ticket the next time I take one.

  7. how interesting... hahahah.... the bus is pretty nice... will look into it the next time I head to Singapore...

    1. I haven't write a more detailed experience with WTS yet (this post was the first time i sat) but, you should really consider this company! :D somemore so far the WTS buses i took from KL to SG, all got massage-features chairs! ^^

  8. I have thought about taking the coach to Singapore from KL. So far, have always taken coach or flight from Ipoh, where I live.

  9. Have yet to try the service for WTS but will definitely look into it the next time I head down to SG. Cheers to the share!

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