Holiday Begins With A Visit to QiuQiu's Flea


Been disappearing since the past two weeks due to final exam !! *BOHOOHOOO* #chiongAh!

(Haiz, quite a demoralising finals as I only managed to complete 2/4 of my papers! I doubt if I can maintain my CGPA this sem. *say nothing about pull up* )

ANYWAY, now I am back like a bad sh*t :P

A slight summary of what I have actually done since my semester break starts!

My last paper ended on 5/12, 7 pm #shag

I was too overjoyed to be able to" "fang gang" finally so I jio-ed my bf for a movie date that night. 
(I was such a good girl as I saved my bf money by using my Golden Village FREE movie ticket gotten from April Race On 2014~ )

We watched "Big Hero 6", a animation film by Disney... OMG! An honest suggestion: you simply MUST squeeze out some time to watch that animation! It was just TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! I will not reveal the storyline as to keep it SUSPENDED for you to watch it yourself later on! xoxo

Spent my morning sleeping until 11 am. ZzZZzZ 
*Hey, please don't say I am a PIG! (I am a piglet~) You don't know how shag it is to wake up daily just to study for the never ending exams T^T. Need some time to readjust my body clock back to normal =/ *

And for the remaining hours until evening, I used my beloved babe -- Canon DSLR EOS600D to photoshoot dead flowers de-segmented from the first bouquet of roses given to him ^^ 
*oh, to have new decorations in my future pictures will be such a beauty xoxo*

Woke up early in the morning just to prepare me mentally and physically for QiuQiu's flea at Lucky Plaza Lvl 6!!!! Read from her blog that I was supposed to be able to buy a whole lot of new+nice+branded clothes there! 

So, as a typical materialistic girl, I pulled him along with me and reached that location 2hours beforehand... And, I WAS SHOCKED TO FIND OUT THAT THE WHOLE MALL HAS A WEIRD ODOUR!!  Initially I didn't even know that this place is "dominated" by foreigners (I never step in before) and not to say that the flea market is packed with them trying on clothes everywhere :O

I was half-suffocated while queuing for the flea. As stated, I was 2hours early so obviously I was at the very most front row -- the first row in fact. But, there was actually this girl who was really.... bitchy (sorry, I simply couldn't think of a better word to describe), leaning her full weight against me, throwing her hand over my shoulder (ok, I am short), pressing me down - down - down until I almost fell, making the person in front of me thought that I was responsible for the pushing action. 
*Damn it. You blamed the wrong person.*

I was so honoured to be squeezed from the first row to the third row... Luckily I am as skinny as a bamboo stick, so I well-used my skinniness by squeezing my hand through tiny spaces just to simply pull out some clothing to see it they are suitable... ...

Not to bored you out with my first flea market purchasing experience, let's get to the reward and conclusion directly --- I SPENT $15 TODAY!!! Guess how many pieces I have bought? EIGHT! yes, 8!!!!! *clap hands* *clap clap* *do a spin* *dance*

However, I found out that not all the clothing are from branded stores after I arrived home :( 
Two from Thailand, another from Bangladesh. I simply cannot imagine where the h*ck QiuQiu got these clothes from as some of the clothes have weird odour... :( 
*Nevermind. I will wash wash wash them clean only wear it on.* 

That sums up my entire day and my freaking tired experience in the flea market. I will 100% certainly truly really think twice before I go to another one again. ESPECIALLY to the same location. 

Something out of topic here, I am sad not being able to see the 传说中 tall and handsome Yutaki :( 

Do share with me your experience at the flea too ^^ Let me hear your angsty or reward for the day :D
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