What's Up For A BBQ Night?

Wee~ Had a lovely and wonderful night barbeque with my course mates yesterday at Kenny's house! Most of the food are grilled by the boys and Kenny's dad! Girls tend to sit aside, talk and wait for food. HEHE! *privilege of a girl*

Ingredients we bought:
1. crayfish *this is absolutely the highlight of the day!*
2. portobello mushrooms
3. chicken wings
4. satay
5. sausages
5. shrimps with cheese
6. mutton
8. spicy barbeque sauce, chilli
9. orange juice, sprites, coca-cola, etc...

too bad we forgot to prepare marshmallow, sweet potato and big tomatoes;(

not many photos were taken (especially the crayfish) due to stomach being too hungry! I must eat before they are all gone!!!!
satay and chicken wings! mouthwatering right?!

nice right?! this is the everyone's favourite crayfish! We had 4 plates FULL!

the procedure of adding cheese and shrimps to be wrapped in aluminium foil!

see! how nice when our cheese melts AWW!

the heat is too hot :( gotta take from a further view!

Focus on the SAUCE MUSHROOM! can imagine how salty it is!

waiting for the boys to cook our chicken and melt our shrimps

love the mushrooms! mushrooms are always the best!

compare the weird saucy mushrooms with our nice cheesy one!

close up view - mushroom with oyster sauce - because she doesn't eat cheese!

now for a little highlight of my friends! (I am not in any pictures because I tend to become the pnp of the day ><)

when boys cook, we see.

this is what we do when boys are tiring themselves over us.

playing phone
and then we eat, enjoying the food that guys cooked for us

the girl who does not eat cheese - saving her saucy mushroom from the heat

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