Let's Talk About Me

Say, I was previously tagged in Instagram (by @feli_lim) to do this --  #20crazyfactsaboutme

So, I will take this opportunity to reveal a little more about myself!

1. I am a 20-year-old girl, name of Yunzi (not revealing my surname), social username of Joysofyz.

2. My birthday falls on 30th of April, and I love chocolate, ice creams, desserts and seafoods. So you know what to do. *hint hint*

3. I am born in London, hometown in Malaysia, currently residing in Singapore. *made in Malaysia, produced in London*

4. I have a loving and caring boyfriend who is a full-fledged Singaporean, a little fat and chubby, but as long as he shows me all loves and cares, I will accept him with all his flaws. 

5. I super duper love furry and fluffy kinds of animals, especially dogs! Give me a puppy anyday and you will see me becoming another playful puppy too.

6. I reared 3dogs, 6chickens, 2rabbits, 2birds, 2tortoises, and uncountable ammounts of fishes (in my pond) before. My last dog was killed by the terrible haze in 2013 as she was sicked and old at that time.  *heartbroken really*

7. Because I adore animals very much, therefore my aspiration is to become a vet. However there is no vet course in Singapore nor in Malaysia. I didn't want to study in Taiwan but England is too expensive so I ended up giving up this thought.

8. I am a half engineering and half art&media student in NTU. I love arts, photography, videography and I can say I am talented in drawing *no shame*. However I am not allowed to study art therefore I choose a course with partial art!

9. Now you will be wondering why am I such a mama-girl who does not stand up for my rights. Mainly because, I am from a single parent family. I have a mother and a brother, both whom I need to be responsible for their living and education support. I take up loan to finance my brother's education. So, is better to get a secure job than to take a bigger risk at this moment.

10. I finished my grade 8 piano in sec2, tuition fee waived by my piano teacher due to my family situation. I would like to continue to earn a piano diploma but that will need to wait until next time. *or there will not be next time*

11. I am currently learning diabolo (chinese yo-yo) as my cca in university. *signed up but seldom attend because I am lazy*. I only know the 8 beginner's basics and I am now hired to teach in different primary schools throughout Singapore (when job offer is made).

12. I love every single colours that exist. My daily mood decides on whether to wear monochrome / colourful ootd each day. I am most comfortable in denim shorts so I think I will count blue as my favourite colour. My other favourite colours will be b&w, grey, and green.

13. Speaking of shorts, I will admit that I was a tomboy during my secondary. I never wear dresses/skirts other than school uniforms since 8 to 19-year-old. My secondary teacher even requested me to grow long hair and wear a dress along with heels just to show him. *which I obviously didn't at that time*

14. Reason why I start wearing dresses/ rompers in my 20s is because uni-s have too many chiobu-s. I shame shame acting too tomboy-ish so I started to wear dress (only during needed occasions). Another reason will be because I got a boyfriend now.

15. Until now, I still don't know how to put on make up other than applying BB cream and lip gloss. I don't pamper myself with facial care except for facial masks because masks can keep my face less oily, hence less itchy.

16. I have obsession with heels because they are pretty and classy. But, give me a pair of high heels anyday and you will see me bring a clutch the next day. The maximum heels I can wear is 4" with full platforms (not those tiny stick ends) for not more than 30minutes.

17. The most unglammed thing that happened to me in uni life would be taking off my high heels right after a formal ceremony. I hold my heels and walked bare footed all the way for around 30minutes back to my hall.

18. I am a ESFP so I will pick talking > writing anytime. However, throw me in a bookshop and I will cut off from the reality until you drag me out. *I will not even hear you yelling at me*

19. I must finish everything in one go, and not being interrupt in the middle of the process, no matter how many hours it will take (reading, watching dramas, tidying room, planting, drawing, piano). Once I stop it will be hard to make me continue. *just as hard as you are to make me stop*

20. I have these 2015 new year resolutions to learn makeup tactics, pets grooming, travel to other countries, cut and highlight my hair to a whole new level. #2015NewYearResolutions

Nah! I think this basically summed up everything you might want to know about me *oh, shame shame now*.

Feel free to drop me a question at ask.fm/joysofyz or below if you have further enquiries!

That's all for now. TADA~

*hehe, not forgetting to upload a selfie of me with makeup FINALLY (for a drama act, drew by a korean friend!)*

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