Toturing Final Exam Week

"OH, why didn't I spend more time listening to lecture ?!?!"

Obviously, is study week again and my first paper is on the coming Monday.
But, I have not studied and completed anything.

Modules are taken in this semester:

EE2006 engineering mathsI

- still able to manage. Too many troublesome formulae and repeating steps to follow.
- conclusion: not enough patience to finish even 1 year of past year paper.

IM2001 microprocessor

- equivalent with EE3002, meaning that I will be taking this exam with year3 electronic students - when I am a year2 partial major in the electronic field
- full of assembly codes which look like programming to me
- conclusion: I am dead as my logical thinking is like sh*t.

IM2002 software engineering

- equivalent with EE4001, meaning that I will be taking this exam with year4 FINAL YEAR electronic students
- 16 chapters on theories that must be memorised and write in the form of the essay.
- conclusion: I am dead as less than 3% of my brain space functions. -*limited*-

EE8066 Happiness 101

- never attend a single lecture or tutorial throughout the whole semester.
- no idea what this module is about.
- conclusion: I am dead and I will S/U.

CS2006 Visual Communication

- photography and videography assignments.
- both fields that I know best.
- but a few group did their final assignment video much better than I did!!!!
- conclusion: sir!! Please pity me and give me my A!!!!

IN9008 Digital Social Gaming

- a whole book of social games theories and applications (of which left 1 chapter not tested before in quiz)
- conclusion: decided to study for this module and not S/U it.
-*provided that I still have the mood to study for 5/12 paper*-

Now.. stacking right in front of me....
13weeks of lecture notes plus tutorial papers...

*sigh* *curse under my breathe*

I SWEAR I will DEFINITELY listen to lecture when school reopens next semester!!!

*hmm.. sound familiar to me...*


This was what I said last semester. And the previous semester too! Probably going to repeat the next semester too!! #newyearresolution

No mood in studying. Thinking of my holiday plans after exam!!
*more food* *more buffet* *more photos*

Hate exam weeks as I have super craving every day!! Gained a freaking 6kg within 1 week! 37-43kg. *faint* (Nevermind. My genes say I am thin. Within 1 month I will slim back automatically)

Wondering what is the result I am going to get for being such a lazy bum this semester.. please, please save me bell curve god!!

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  1. Hi, I'm planning to take up EE8066 Happiness 101 as GER-PE(LS) next semester. Can I check with you how the course is like and the exam format?

  2. Hi Jonathan :)

    Sorry for the delayed in replying as I could not reply via hp (I dont know why but just cant ==)


    overall format:
    40%: weekly tutorials + 4 case studies
    10%: class participation
    50%: final exam
    (where in terms of 100%: 50% compulsory guided structure questios, 50% choose 2 from 3 questions)

    I suggest you take this module only if you are truly keen on writing essays.

    tips to study for happiness:
    1. memories elearning week + w13 summary mindmap.
    - I only did that and I just dictation during the final. Was really straightforward. So apparently it was an easy paper (just required a lot of memorisation)

    2. choose the tutorial class with Dr Patrick instead of another.
    - Dr Patrick class is more interactive and meaningful (at least something will be learnt.)

    3. email me if you want to take a look at the course materials :)
    (or maybe you may download it via google?)

    Hope I manage to answer your questions! ^^
    Have a nice day!


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