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Review of WUNJO Red Bean Essence

Last week, I decided to try WUNJO Red Bean Essence— a Taiwan health and beauty supplement— previously endorsed by renowned celebrities in Taiwan, in particular by 小S in one of her live streams. Upon receiving the parcel, I immediately fell in love with its cute pink packaging. There are 5 convenient packets per box with an expiry date printed behind every individual packet.

Benefits of eating red beans Before I dive into my experience, allow me to share with you some interesting facts about red beans. Red beans are one of the richest plant-based sources of protein because they have a high nutritional value. Apart from containing a variety of nutrients and fibres, they are also high in Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Polyphenols.

Therefore, WUNJO Red Bean Essence is suitable for all family members, including pregnant women who wish to:
become more beautiful naturallyboost energy for better productivity and work performanceincrease body metabolism and improve blood circulation, eg: leg …
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My SleepWiz Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow broke into half!

Happy new year, happy 2020 everyone! What is your new year resolution this year? One of mine is to have quality sleep at night, so that I can be more productive and efficient at work. In 2019, I have changed to a new queen size bed and layered a mattress topper by SleepWiz. Now, right at the beginning of 2020, I have added yet another revolutionary product from SleepWiz— this time to test out a new pillow that doesn't suck!

I can't stress enough how important sleep can affect our health conditions. You might prefer to purchase healthy food and beauty products. However, don't forget that food and products are gone once consumed. On the contrary, good sleeping necessities might accompany you in bed for a longer period— 8 hours per day, 365 days per year, even up to potentially a few years away!

On the 1st of January 2020, I actually spent some time and effort to calculate my Chinese Astrology online. One of the predictions shocked me because it stated: "you will always…

Double cleansing with PHS HAIRSCIENCE to prevent hair thinning

What is double hair cleansing? Have you ever heard of double hair cleansing? Much like double face cleansing, double hair cleansing means shampooing your hair twice to effectively remove the residues that build up in your hair throughout the day. The first cleanse remove dead skin cells, natural oils and other pollutants, while the second cleanse boosts hair health. This two-step cleansing ritual addresses the scalp's unique physiology, leaving shiny hair on a squeaky clean scalp.

Why is double cleansing important? Once the scalp is damaged, it’s hard to reverse. Ironically, most of us do not care for our scalp, just like how we care for our face. I am guilty as charged. I was shocked to learn that the skin on our scalp ages 6 times faster than the skin on our face! Apparently, our scalp has an abundance of blood vessels and higher density of hair follicles, sweat glands and sebaceous glands. Without proper cleansing, we are creating an environment for harmful bacteria to thrive.…

Taiwan DermaAngel acne patches as an alternative to concealer— works better!

I've been fighting acne for more than 10 years. From the very first day I came to Singapore, I have been working part-time extensively (9am-6pm) while studying to maintain my grades in university. With all the stress and lack of sleep, my skin complexion became so bad that my breakouts went out of control.

Last time, my main concern was to earn enough money to pay for my school fee. I did not think about the consequences acnes could bring to my life in the future. Instead of solving the root cause, I chose to apply concealer as a temporary fix to my problem. Moreover, a tube of concealer can last longer and is way cheaper than purchasing any facial package or medical treatment, right?

Well, I regretted my decision now. After I graduated and started earning a fixed income, I finally decided to look into some better (and pricier) options that can help to cure acne and pimples. Since 2017, I have tried many different kinds of acne products, including medicated toner, acne concealer, ac…

Does Venus Skin Hydration Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask from New Zealand suits Asian Skin?

Have you ever wondered if all or most of the masks beyond Asia country is suitable for our Asian skin that grew up in a tropical climate country? I have. Hence I was super excited when Venus Skin— a young skincare brand from New Zealand, contacted me for a product review on one of their sheet masks under "Venus Skin Premium Natural Skincare Range"!

About Venus Skin Venus Skin aims to use 99% natural and naturally derived goodness made in New Zealand to transform its customers' skin healthily and naturally. The team formulates powerful serums using quality active ingredients that are free from artificial colouring and animal testing.

Venus Skin Hydration Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask (with lavender scent) I have been given the Venus Skin Hydration Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask (with lavender scent) set to test out the product quality. The set arrived in a cute little cupboard box. Each set contains 5 tubes of mask soaked in a generous 30ml serum! I like the compact and slim tube …

My natural detox journey with Mintox Kiwi Malaysia 3— What happen after I completed my second box?

This is a delayed post written only after I have completed my detox journey with kiwi flavoured Mintox from Malaysia. Life has been too hectic. I have been working overtime in the office until 12am, sleeping at 4am, subsequently waking up at 7:30am for work. Routine repeated for weeks, therefore I was mentally and physically drained out to update my blog.
I have completed 2 boxes of Mintox Anyway, back to the main topic. As a background context, I have been consuming two boxes of Mintox since June, which I spread across a duration of approximately two months until July— equivalent to double of the time as compared to the number of sachets in the boxes (14 sachets per box)!

By right, the whole course should last for one month (28 days) as I was supposed to drink one sachet per night. However, as stated in my previous post, I realised my constipation issue is pretty much solved after my first box. Thus, I decided to use the second box of Mintox for 'maintenance'. I only drink o…

Les Parfums de Farcent (LPF), the first perfume-type of freshener is now in Singapore!

After so many years of waiting, I have finally found fresheners that come in unique perfume scents— introducing Les Parfums de Farcent (LPF), the first perfume-type of freshener! Yes, you might not hear of this brand before as these freshers are newly imported from Taiwan into Singapore market. I am super excited about their arrival because the time has long due for us to NOT stick to the limited boring scents that that can be found everywhere else!
What is LPF freshener? Les Parfums de Farcent (LPF) freshener comes in 2 forms— perfumed sachets and perfumed diffuser. The products are the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) certified, so you can inhale safely without worrying adverse effect on your body. There are 3 scents in total, with a pleasurable fragrance developed from safe and of high quality scented materials by a renowned European perfume house.
3 Scents of LPF fresheners LPF products are made of Japanese plant deodoriser which uses innovative odour elimination to bri…